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3m polishing compound UNSPSC # 47131828. Mfr. Makes dull auto body finishes look new and glossy. $123. Blending in new paintwork; Removes paint over-spray; Removes scratches and flatting marks This kit includes (1) 3M 6068 Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish - 1 Quart, (1) 3M 6064 Perfect-It Machine Polish - 1 Quart, and (1) 3M 6085 Perfect-It Rubbing Compound - 1 Quart. Available in rotary or random orbital motions and in multiple sizes, 3M™Buffers and Polishers make an excellent choice for a variety of repairs on different substrates across a wide range of industries. This EXceptional performance allows you to go directly to final polishing. Makes dull and tired looking auto body finishes look new and glossy again. If the desired result isn't achieved, rubbing compound can be used to smooth out deeper scratches. POLISH To remove compound swirl marks use the following 3M polish and pads 3M ™ Perfect-It EX Machine Polish, (PN06094) 1 Qt. Green polishing compound is a multi-purpose metal polishing compound that can be used as a general cutting compound on stee Repco is the largest stockist car polish and restoration products. $1. Add to Cart. We can help speed up everything from brake jobs and tire balancing to cleaning up systems under the hood. 3M Compounds, Polishes, Glazes. 37 £14. 1/4 lb. within 2 business days 3M Finesse-It 51056 Purple Polishing Compound - 1 gal - 51157. 4. Item: Black polishing compound, brown polishing wax, buffing compond. 3M Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound is recommended for use with a rotary polisher only. Quickly and effectively removes swirl marks from all types of automotive paints while producing a high gloss finish. 32 oz. 82 Aug 21, 2019 · What is a Rubbing Compound? Sometimes also referred to as a cutting compound, a rubbing compound is a product that is used to restore the finish and appearance of a vehicle’s paintwork; but you will only get the results you want if you know how to properly use a rubbing compound. 3M. 3M ™ Perfect-It Machine Polishing Pads: • ™For the best finish on all colors use with a black Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad, PN05707 (Quick Connect) or PN33285 (6 in. 1 x 18. 3M™ Perfect-It™ Foam Pads - White Foam Compounding Pad, Black Foam Polishing Pad, Blue Foam The 3M 1 L Polishing Compound Grade Extra Fine, White can be found within the Buffing & Polishing Compounds category. 1 cm; 1. 99$42. . Quickly and effectively removes compound swirl marks and produces an outstanding finish. 283 sold. Auto Bedding And Glazing Compound; 10 Fluid Ounce Cartridge; Non-hardening, pliabl 3m rubbing compound. Country of Origin is subject to change. 3M™ Trizact™ consists of identical pyramids uniformly distributed on a foam substrate, in which several layers of an abrasive mineral are embedded. We have tested, certified and approved products with extremely different criteria. 37 . 48$66. Quart. This healthy competition has spawned a fantastic polish. Glycerin Ingestion Rat LD50 > 5,000 mg/kg. Ultrafine Machine Polish, also known as Ultrafina, creates sharp reflections, bottomless depth, and a wonderful gloss. 79 $ 10 . $42. 3M BUFFING & POLISHING Compound Hand Glaze Package 5973 5996 5990. Get it as soon as Sat, Sep 26. Good handling, easy cleanup. 99 Winter Deal - 40% Off Select Items Learn More GP-PRO Glass Polishing Compound 500ml / 16. 8 out of 5 stars432. The ultra fine abrasives accomplish all this without leaving marring or swirls. 66 Ex Tax: €39. 3M Premium Mold and Tooling Compound aggressively removes sanding scratches in tooling gel coat (P600 or finer discs P1000 or finer 3M™ Wetordry™ sheets), reducing sanding and compounding time while saving time and money for marine boatyards. DIYers always ask about the difference between rubbing compound and polishing compound. Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best car polishing compound for the money? Check them out and decide which one suits you the best to splurge upon. 99$149. Part Number: TES-7100061948 Not Yet Reviewed Polishing compounds are not created equal, so it is always best to use the compound with the smallest abrasive particles first. 3M Perfect-It Boat Wash, 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound, 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish + Wax and 3M Perfect-It Boat Wax are all available for every 3M Buffing & Polishing Compounds Material Application: Reduce/Remove Automotive Swirl Marks Compound Type: Mark Remover 5. Apply two or three lines of 3M Imperial Microfinishing Rubbing Compound to the paint. With 3M™ Trizact™, you have an abrasive that maintains itself. This bottled liquid compound uses a cerium oxide mineral blend, which assures a great cut and the highest level of polish possible. 39 3M Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish, 06068 - 32 oz. 48. After they are removed, polish the area to restore the paint's shine. Buy It Now. General Description Use 3M™ Perfect–It™ Polishing Compound annually to enhance your sailplane finish. Material These professional products carry with them 3M's 100 year heritage of quality, innovation and award-winning, performance. Superior compound for the final polishing of platinum, white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, and high quality stainless steel. Rubbing compound is just a "grit" with a vehicle (oil, wax, water) to carry it to the work. It leaves a glossy finish that helps protect against weathering. $149. 3M's best rubbing compound when looking for Extra performance: Extra Cutting, Extra Smooth Handling, Extremely Easy to Use and Clean Up. 3M Finesse-it K215GP polishing compound is packaged 1 gal, 4 per case. Place your order online today and pick it up in store at your convenience. $11. 3M Finesse-It 51056 polishing compound. This car rubbing compound makes dull and tired looking auto body finishes look new and glossy once again. Item #6KHC2. Clear Coat Solid Surface Gelcoat Powder Coat Lacquered Wood. The formula is rinse-free and can be applied by hand or a buffer. Green polishing compound, buffing compound, polishing wax. Buffing & Polishing Compounds (189 items) Buffing Wheel Accessories (38 items) Buffing Wheels 3M 8" Diam Foam Buffing. The innovative combination of mineral and chemical technology cuts the fastest, minimizing pad heating. both excellent products when used individually or together as a surface restoration system. The unique formula eliminates swirl marks and produces a high gloss finish, even on the most difficult dark colored vehicles. 3M is "The Professional's Choice". 60 Results . 66 $107. There was another thread here about the green paste sold somewhere. 82 $ 24 . Browse online, collect in store. 17 results. Trade Name: Finesse-It. ft. Browse our complete line of 3M compounds, polishes, buffing pads and more for the products that best suit your vehicle's needs. The super fine nano-particle formulation can be used to achieve even higher levels of gloss on polished epoxy resin surfaces or be used to restore gloss to scratched or well-used surfaces. Jewelers rouge for example is a very fine grit sanding agent with wax as it's "agent". Buffing & Polishing Compounds Material Application: Reduce/Remove Automotive Swirl Marks Compound Type: Mark Remover MSC# 14875181 3M (00051141286952) Ships from Mfr. Quickly and effectively removes fine machine polish swirls. Produces minimal compound swirl marks while buffing to a high gloss. Available When your life is spent under the hood of someone else’s vehicle, you learn quick that doing it right beats doing it twice. 3M Polishing Compound Count on great prices, fast shipping and friendly service every time you order a 3m polishing compound from Zoro. 1 out of 5 stars 76. Polishing Compound, Ultrafine, Painted Surfaces, 1-Quart, Each. This should be enough to cover a 2 x 2 sq. This rubbing compound is an abrasive cutting paste that will let you grind down the surface layers of a dull or damaged paint so you can apply a new top coat. 3M Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish was developed in response to Menzerna’s Nano Polish. €47. It is perfect for blending in new paintwork and removing over-spray in a jiffy. We engineered this automotive paint rubbing compound for use with newer clear coats that are used in shops today. 99$43. bar, 4 inches long, orange. About This Item Kit Includes 3M Perfect-It 32 Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound (36060), 1 3M 39061, and 1 3M 39062 Successfully removes P1200 grade and finer scratches Blends strength and finesse, while removing scratches and defects Combines mineral and chemical technology enabling it to cut the Product Overview. The surface will need to be waxed or polished after applying this product. Safe for clear coats, lacquer, and enamel paint finishes, this liquid compound leaves a lustrous shine with minimal swirl marks or holograms. Halfords Rubbing Compound Extra Info. $66. in Polishing & Rubbing Compounds. 8 out of 5 stars347. 3M Glass Polishing Compound is a precision-milled cerium oxide-based micro-abrasive paste that permanently removes defects such as swirl marks, fine scratches and water spots from exterior glass surfaces. It will restore the original color leaving a shiny aluminum surface. 9oz Professional Grade Glass Polishing Solution delivers an uniform particle size on aver. Cuts fast and removes swirl marks, without scratching paint surface; Use by hand or with a DA polisher Feb 04, 2006 · Most of the rubbing compounds contain water and this is fine for "re-wetting". 3M’s polishes are fantastic for “Finesse-ing-It,” but I feel other lines offer better choices for Polishing precious metal jewellery pieces requires a little knowledge about different types of polishing compounds and buffing tools, and even more practice in order to get the technique just right. Use with Surfboard Polishing Compound or 3M Finesse-it II to bring out a high gloss finish on gelcoat, paint, or gloss resin. 3M 06064 is a high Performance Machine Polish. Not all car polishing compound are created equal though. Visit our site for coupons and promotions. R. Quick Connect) The 3M Scratch Remover is a versatile medium-cutting compound that leaves behind a fine finish. 51 x 18. 3M Finesse-it Polish - Finishing Material is part of a line of specially designed compounds and polishes to be used on OEM and baked refinish paints to remove sand scratches or to remove swirl marks from previously compounded areas and is designed to produce best results when used with an air or Made in USA. Hughes Home Page FREE Shipping for online orders over $99* FREE Shipping $99* What is a Core Charge ? A "Core Charge" is similar to the deposit you might pay for a can or bottle of soda. 00. 3M’s Super Duty Rubbing Compound is the stuff to get if your gelcoat is heavily oxidized. Polish contains no waxes or silicones. This should be enough to cover a 2 Work the polish using a light cuting pad (CCS Orange or Edge Orange) on your polisher. 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound is an aggressive compound that eliminates scratches and oxidation. As a highly concentrated superior quality compound, you only need to use small quantities at a time to achieve outstanding results. 3M 06068 produces a swirl free finish even on 3M Polishing 34 products Polishing and buffing equipment creates a smooth, glossy finish on metal, glass, wood, and fiberglass surfaces by removing scratches and other small marks. Easy to Use. This compound stays wet longer so there is enough time to remove imperfections. 4 Options. 99. About Liquid Ice Polishing Compound Quart . 38 £ 10 . Polish until 3M Scratch Remover turns into a thin film. Polishing compound helps you achieve a smooth finish. It's revolutionary formula cuts as fast as harsh abrasive compounds but without scratching… even on clear coat finishes. 45 Ex Tax: €39. For use with Finesse-it foam buffing pad and 3M random orbital buffer. Don't BUY before reading my 3m body repair buffing and polishing pads review first. Pickup Item(s): Select to Compare Added to Compare May 04, 2020 · Perfect-It Rubbing Compound by 3M The Perfect-It Rubbing Compound by 3M is what many professionals in the detailing business use for restoring and breathing life back into an old paint job. EX is designed to handle better in EXtreme conditions like high heat and humidity, show improved performance on EXtremely fresh paints, deliver EXtra cutting power, and offer EXtra easy clean up. Removes light scratches; Safe for all car finishes, painted metal, chrome and porcelain Product Title 6Pcs 3 Inch Auto Car Buffing Pad Kit Compound Polish Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $10. For defect repair and scratch removal our 3M™ Glass Polishing Compound is a high quality, one-step solution for assorted glass surfaces and parts. It is highly recommended for use with a machine polisher and 3M™ Perfect-it™ III Fast Cut+ Compound 50417. Add to 3M Glass Polishing Compound - Defect Repair and Scratch Removal - Cerium Oxide Mineral - One Step Polishing - 60150 - 1 per inner, Pack of 6. 09 Kilograms Item model number 36060-6PK Manufacturer Part Number 36060-6PK Foldable No Volume 1 Litres Colour White Stain Resistant? No Assembly Required No Included Rubbing Compound "The most popular in paint finishing!" Professional buffing system for use on today's paints expect the best possible finish. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 3M Glass Polishing Compound (Cerium Oxide) 1 Litre Bottle "Easy to use suspended cerium oxide cream" 3M Bottled liquid compound comprised of cerium oxide mineral and water used to polish assorted glass surfaces and parts, it is a well concentrated superior quality compound meaning you only need to use small quantities at a time to achieve outstanding results. Next, work the compound in with the machine at slow speed, and in short bursts, to avoid overheating the pad. Works with the 3M backing pad. Brand: 3M. Unique formula quickly removes P1200 grade and finer sand scratches and other surface defects. It leaves a swirl-free finish when applied with a 3M™ Foam Polishing Pad. Jewelers Rouge Polishing Compound, 4 oz Immediate access to trained sales people at 877-774-8443 for any of our 3M Polishing Compound products. Rubbing compound works in a similar manner to polishing compound, but is more abrasive. Showing 1-24 of 60 Matching Products. These 3m polishing compound are powerful enough to evenly smoothen the surface irregularities and transform them into polished, shaped items. 3m 06068 High Performance Ultrafine Machine Polish is a unique formula that eliminates swirl marks and produces a high gloss finish, even on the most difficult dark Mar 04, 2019 · Difference between rubbing compound and polishing compound Rubbing compound versus polishing compound. 3M™ Perfect-it™ III Compounding Pads are easily attached to 3M™ Back Up Pads. Alibaba. In addition, it helps you to achieve a perfect finishing result in your polishing process. Shop for 3M 10 Ounce Compound Part #: 08509 for your vehicle. Polishing tools use fine abrasive grit to remove small imperfections in preparation for buffing. For instance, if you only want to remove minor swirl marks, use a compound that is made for the purpose. Catalog Page #N/A. 3M Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound provides a smooth, dust-free polishing action and easy wipe off. Our liquid compound leaves minimal swirl marks and is safe for clear coats, lacquer and enamel paint finishes. Blended wool polishing pad for removing fine scratches or compounding swirls. Model #06027. Buffing – Use of grease compound on buff to produce polished surface. Cuts faster than K211 with similar finish, and is specially designed to remove scratches from the defect and improve the finish from the previous compounding step. 3M Auto Advanced Rubbing Compound (16 oz) - Removes scratches caused by sanding Removes oxidation, stains and surface blemishes Creates a lustrous shine Minimal swirl marks or holograms Reduces compounding time Safe for clear coats, lacquer and enamel paint finishes Makes dull and tired looking auto body finishes look new and glossy once again Glycerin Dermal Rabbit LD50 estimated to be > 5,000 mg/kg. The polishing compound is designed to remove swirl marks and greatly increase your sailplanes shine. Kent Supplies 7pcs 20 gram Diamond Lapping Paste Polishing TOPFINISH 2 is a fine finish polishing compound developed specifically for tough plastics like epoxy resin. Get product details, choose a store, and get directions. Safely restore color and clarity to abused and neglected finishes with Meguiar's® ultimate compound. Rotary Tool Random Orbital Tool. Dec 08, 2009 · Polish to Perfection This is where the low-speed polishing pad comes in to gently level out the 2,000-grit scratches into a highly reflective surface. (buffing= compounding to remove scratches and/or heavy oxidization. Glossary of Selected Polishing Terms: Binder – Part of compound which holds abrasive on polishing buff. 50. Halfords Rubbing Compound Halfords Rubbing Compound is a one step cutting paste for a professional finish to body repairs. com offers 811 3m car polish and rubbing compound products. Details. At 3M our solutions for auto mechanics make your job easier – and faster. The long lasting foam ensures that they can be used time and time again to offer excellent value for money. Use 3M™ Rubbing Compound to quickly remove sand scratches, oxidation, coarse swirl marks, and water spots from vehicles. Specifications. 3M™ Trizact™ Film Discs: 268XA A35 (green), 268XA A10 (blue), 268XA A5 (orange), and 568XA CeO (white); are another alternative. The 3M™ Quick Connect Adaptor makes it easy to quickly switch between compound and polishing pads. Work back and forth in a small area until you feel as if you’ve given equal treatment to the entire surface. You can actually do paint or gel coat correction with this system when used correctly with a orbital buffer and the correct foam buffing or polishing pads. €48. • 3M™ Clean Sanding Discs or pads - Scotch-Brite™ 7447 A VFN (maroon) and Scotch-Brite™ 7448 S ULF (gray) • Water and clean rags for dust removal • High gloss only – low-speed polisher, lamb’s wool bonnet1 Produces Better Overall Finishes with Deeper Color and Gloss The ever-improving Perfect-It finishing system has a new tool, Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound. Page 7of 10. 3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound combines strength and finesse, removing fine scratches and defects. 6 out of 5 stars 262 £10. As part of MSC Industrial Supply's Abrasives offering, this item can be found using MSC part number 84604891. Your paint will look and feel fantastic after application, but it needs another layer of protection to keep it that way. Works on all types of painted surfaces and gelcoats. Specially designed medium-cutting compound for removing grade 1200, 1500 and 2000 color sanding scratches in automotive paints including clear coats. $95. 3M - Perfect It Buffing & Polishing Compound 06085 06064 060683M 06085 is a fast cutting rubbing compound designed remove sand scratches and leaves a fine finish on automotive paints. 9" Polishing Pad, 3M Hookit SBS System. 3M is a diversified technology company with a worldwide presence in the following markets: consumer and office; display and graphics; electro and communications; health care; industrial; safety, security and protection services; and transportation. Save time and effort using 3M solutions. 39 Meguiar's G8408EU Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound 235 ml a Heavy Duty Glass Cleaning Compound 4. It will leave behind an Extremely-fine, light swirl finish read for final polishing. It will save your time and money! 05723, 05725 & 05751 Hookit Polish Compound 3M India Limited, 3M India Limited, 48-51 Electronics City Hosur Road Bengaluru - 560100; 080-22233704 Brand 3M Product Dimensions 26. Since polish is less abrasive, it should be used first. Here we have compiled a detailed list of some of the best car polishing 3M™ Machine Polish effectively removes compound swirl marks and minor surface defects to restore the beauty of automotive finishes. Jewelers Rouge & Polishing Compound Kit . 3M Perfect-It Machine Polish (06064) – For Paint and Gelcoat on Cars, Boats, Trucks and RVs – 1 Qt (32 Fl oz) 4. Use with 3M™ Black Foam Polishing Pad (#3M-5738). Country of OriginUSA. Jewelers Rouge Polishing Compound, 1 oz. Creating a flawless high-gloss finish is easy using this Liquid Ice Compound with the 3 pads included in your original 51561 or 51562 kit, and also sold separately (click on "Accessories" tab). It’s really simple; think of both as sandpaper, where rubbing compound is a coarse grit you would use to sand down a scratch in a piece of wood. Great Product, I'm not sure if this would be considered 3M's "Professional" line of products, but does a similar job for a cheaper price! Feb 07, 2020 · 3m #105 &205. 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound can remove 1000 and finer sand scratches from gelcoats and painted surfaces. Description 3M Finesse-it Finishing Material 81235 White, Easy Clean Up, Liter, 12 per case. GP-PRO Glass Polishing Compound 500ml / 16. A buffing wheel or microfiber towel achieve the best results. Sold by CTI Group. phase5-fiberglass-compound-polish $32. This means that the rubbing compound will remove more paint and is used for smoothing out larger scratches and other significant damage to the vehicle's painted surface. Sort By: Choose Pickup Store. Carrier – Same as binder, but also includes water in the case of liquid compounds. Raoul starts with a wool pad using 3M Rubbing KochChemieTexas is the leading supplier of auto detailing products in the USA. Follow up with 3M Performance Finish to seal in the shine. 3M Cerium Oxide Slurry Polishing Compound JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. But, with some basic know-how and the supplies you’ll need to create a professional finish, the process will soon become second nature. Do not mix media as the abrasives at each step are not always equivalent. Work the polish using a light compounding pad (CCS Orange or Edge Orange) on your polisher. 3m polishing compound are very useful for people dealing with woodwork, metalworks, and any other types of activities that involve shaping up and polishing things. 9oz 500ml / 16. 3M Bottled liquid compound incorporates cerium oxide mineral and water for use in polishing assorted glass surfaces and parts. Effectively removes oxidation, stains and surface blemishes Fast cutting Unique formulation. 52. 99 - $32. area. 3M Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compound, 36058, 36059, 36060, 36061, 36062, 36063, 36064 04/10/20. White Mineral Oil (Petroleum) Dermal Rabbit LD50 > 2,000 mg/kg. Polinum gives a superb final polish for platinum and golf. SAVE with this kit! Includes one of each 3M™ Perfect-It™ products: 4 buff pads, compound, polishes, and Clean and Shine - for a complete buffing system. 3M 03900 Rubbing Compound - 8 oz. I know that this product is not exactly a timesaver, but you will see that all your efforts will be worth it. Free shipping. Polish until 3M Impreial Buff off Aug 03, 2020 · The 3M marine polish is a concentrated formula, and so a small amount can effectively remove a lot of oxidation and stains. Eliminate swirl marks on painted surfaces, even on difficult dark coloured cars. S. Items per Page: 12; 24; 30; Go to: 1; 2; Next. 1. 3M Finesse-It 51056 Purple Polishing Compound - 1 gal - 51157. 3M™ Perfect-It™ Quick Connect Pads are designed to provide you optimal performance when used with the Perfect-It™ EX system. Premium Mold and Tooling Compound, Paste, 1 gal, Can, Red. 38 £14. Be sure to follow up with Wings & Wheels WX Seal &Block for the ultimate in gel coat preservation. Jan 01, 2021 · Best car polishing compound of 2018. 3M compounding, polishing and glazing solutions become even easier with this selection of backup pads, detailing cloths and more – plus the fully-mobile Total Automotive Sanding System for paint finishing, featuring premium sanders, polishers and organizers. Watch; 3M 5996 Machine Polish What is a Core Charge ? A "Core Charge" is similar to the deposit you might pay for a can or bottle of soda. 3M™ Rubbing Compound quickly removes sand scratches, oxidation, coarse swirl marks and water spots. 3M is a global enterprise characterized by substantial intercompany cooperation in research, manufacturing and marketing of products. To apply with a polisher: Apply two or three lines of 3M Scratch Remover to the paint. Outstanding finish. 2. Renew your car with our range of products. Made in USA. 1Pk - 3M - Perfect It Buffing & Polishing Compound 06085 06064 06068. 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound + Wax is part of a family of gelcoat finishing products. Use After Compounding. Detail review below the list: 3M Imperial Microfinishing Rubbing Compound 16 oz. It will save your time and money! Best 3m polishing and waxing kits list 2021. Proceed with 3M-6068 Ultrafine Machine Polish (Step 3). 0 ( 2 reviews ) Write a review Part #: 14875207 Don’t BUY before reading my 3m polishing and waxing kits review first. 3M ™ Perfect-It EX Machine Polish 06093 1/2 Pint 06094 Quart 06095 Gallon 3M ™ Perfect-It Polishing Pads* 33285 6 in, Grey Foam 05707 8 in, Grey Foam • Quickly and effectively remove compound swirl marks and produce an outstanding finish by using 3M™ Perfect-It™ EX Machine Polish and a 3M ™ Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad Compounding Turtle wax® Renew Rx® Polishing Compound restores lightly oxidized, faded finishes to a like-new appearance. 52$43. A wide variety of 3m car polish and rubbing compound options are available to you, such as type. In many states, to promote recycling, you are charged a deposit when you purchase a can of soda and you receive your deposit back when you return the empty can. 79 List List Price $24. Material A polish such as 3M Finesse-It Machine Polish works its magic in part by removing the protective wax or sealant layer. Features a hook and loop attachment for ease of use when switching between compounding pads and polishing pads. Great on black finishes. Follow with 3M Perfect-It 3000 Ultrafine Machine Polish for best results. Specifications 3M's 60150 pre-mixed cerium slurry is used for easy polishing of glass surfaces for high gloss and shine. Bobbing – Use of graded abrasive on wheel with rigid binder. Produces a swirl free finish even on black vehicles. Your Selections: 3M™ Perfect-It™ Foam Polishing Pad. View More 3M Perfect-It Rubbing & Machine Polishing Compound (32 oz) (3M-36060, 3M-06094) Brand New. The Perfect-It brand means this is 3M's highest performing vehicle appearance product. 3m polishing compound

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